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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: diana, as you >> reporter: diana, as you know, this is an extraordinary pope stylist stickley and what he accomplished the last two years. when he left cuba going to the united states, he went to the back of the plane during the flight about a half hour in, took a microphone from reporters and said go ahead and ask me questions. he got tough questions. he -- this is not what a pope usually does. this was a surprise to reporters. some questions included are you a leftist, a socialist. >> he said absolutely not. everything he has said the last two years well within the teaching of the catholic church. pope francis arrived at andrews air force base this afternoon greeted by the president and first lady. this is his first visit to america, a trip full of hope and promise in an ancient church that is changing. >> pope francis is a pope of mercy and a pope for the people. he has, as you can tell, reinvigorated the church with his new way of communicating and being in their lives. >> at the site of tomorrow's
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big mass at catholic university, the altar is being set today. across the city there are t- shirts and bobble heads and all things francis. >> the pope visits the united states and for me to work this closely to the nation's capitol in the nation's capitol is so nice to have him this close to us. you just feel the love that pours out from him even closer to you. >> reporter: the message he brings to america might be uncomfortable for some to do more for the poor and homeless, take better care of the environment and not so obsessed with money. >> amazing. amazing. >> reporter: representative is excited about the pope's visit. he talks to congress thursday. she wants to hear what he says on her number one issue, immigration. >> i want to hear his stance on immigration and calling that, you know, it is the responsibility including government to keep families united. >> reporter: the secret service
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has been prepping for months now for this visit. officials say there is absolutely no credible threat to the pope. >> it's a tremendous challenge for us. all hands on deck. >> reporter: for now in d.c., lots of energy, excitement and tight security for the next few days as francis finally comes to america. >> wonderful person. probably a gift to the world with someone with that kind of generosity, his kindness comes through to everyone. >> reporter: this pope is known for his simple style, his sense of humility under scoring all of that, this afternoon when he left andrews leaving not in a limo or big fancy s.u.v. but a simple four-door fiat headed to the papal nuncio. very unusual seen there leaving in a plain simple car. the big event will be thursday morning at the capitol, joint session of congress. democrats and republicans assembled to listen to the pope. that has never happened before,
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a pope addressing a joint session of congress. we will keep you posted. dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. >> in a fiat with windows open. quite a sight. >> here is the pope's itinerary. he begins at 9:15 then a personal meeting with president obama then at 11:30 the pope leads a prayer with bishops at st. matthews cathedral. at 4:15 he will celebrate mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he will remain in washington until thursday then he is coming here to new york city. >> that's right. one of the biggest events will be at central park. tens of thousands of people will line up to get a chance to see him. >> we are seeing a greater increase in security all around the city today. eyewitness news reporter jim hoffer is live in central park with more on that. jim? >> reporter: well, almost exactly 48 hours now until the pope arrives in new york city and we are already starting to see parts of this massive
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blanket of security that we have heard so much about that has been in the planning stages for months, starting to see it laid out across the city. at saint patrick's cathedral, barriers and blockades have been stockpiled ready to be used as perimeter protection for the pope's prayer service. at madison square garden, lampposts and sewers were sealed. secret service and nypd brass did a security walk through at central park on the route of the pope's procession. on the east side, a reminder in the form of more barricades that the pope isn't the only security challenge coming to town. >> keep in mind we have 170 heads of state. many are -- we are providing security details for each and every one of them. >> reporter: the makings of the largest security apparatus in the city's history can be seen all around. more than a thousand police
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vehicles a wait deployment in brooklyn. cars parked near central park have been towed away. nearly 40 miles of barricades line the streets to be used to create frozen zones. the secret service that spent months coordinating the massive service says they are used to protecting vips that like the crowds. >> candidates that love to get out and shake hands and meet people. we do this all the time. this isn't anything that we haven't seen. >> reporter: a joint intelligence report from the nypd, philadelphia and d.c. police states there is no specific threat against the pope. the report adds that a number of actors from isis to the italian may have fee i can't have ex--mafia have expressed interest in attacking the pope. >> we went through this all weekend as threats came in, investigated them, sent lead teams out with secret service and fbi. all of those washed out.
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>> reporter: we are told and have been for several weeks there are layers and layers of protection in place for the pope. ment and just consider that 80,000 people are going to come in to central park for his processional friday. everyone, 80,000 people go through a metal detector. the bigger concern is that someone may try to take advantage of this huge media event by striking in the city perhaps away from the pope's activity. the nypd, secret service, fbi have done tabletop drills, taken all the precautions. they are ready. live in central park, jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. and between stepped up security and road closures, getting around manhattan will be extremely difficult. here is a reminder of the closures. this map shows where streets will be closed during the visit as he makes his appearances at st. patrick's, u.n., 9/11 memorial and east harlem school
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as well as madison square garden. >> a lot of red zones. >> it won't just be hard for people to get around but difficult for companies and truck drivers that want to make deliveries. kemberly richardson tweeted this photo of a fedex worker making deliveries today. maybe harder thursday and friday. kemberly is live with more for us. >> reporter: he was smiling today. wait until friday. clothing, books, medication, the new iphone, if it can be delivered it will be late or not get there on thursday and friday. let me show you why. this is east 112th street. this is happening in many parts of the street closures which are putting the brakes on your packages. >> i don't know what we will do. i guess -- >> reporter: come thursday the going will get tough for anyone trying to make delivers in -- deliveries in parts of manhattan. >> excited that the pope is coming. maybe i will get the day off if
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i'm lucky. >> reporter: we caught up with rashaun dropping off last minute items to spruce up our lady queen of angels. pope francis will visit. those expecting to get packages will have to wait longer. ups tells eyewitness news some customers may see delays in limited areas of the city thursday and friday. but that it has already given people a head's up. fedex says it has backup plans. that is a good thing for apple customers. those expecting to get a brand- new shiny iphone 6 or 6 plus on their doorstep. >> i don't think they realize how it will affect them. >> reporter: workers here know their customers will start calling. the pharmacy is at third and 107th street where starting about 3:00 friday afternoon no trucks or cars are allowed.
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if the driver can't get here, we won't be able to get medication and our driver won't be able to take deliveries to the patients. they have to wait until monday. >> richie is off friday but his buddy isn't. they were dropping off packages on the upper west side, another area which falls in the no traffic zone. >> you won't be able to get so some of your areas, right? >> no, friday it will be early. you have to go around to get here. >> he may not be able to go around to get there. the best thing to do, if you do need medication, call your pharmacist now. if you are expecting packages from fedex or ups go on the web site, put in your zip code and get a better idea of how things may play out. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you. as we mentioned, street closures around this area we have the complete list at abc7ny. you will find the pope's schedule.
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wife it all covered for you this week. our team of anchors and reporters will be all over new york city, washington and philadelphia. we will carry many of the pope's events live on channel 7. turning to other news of the day, con ed crews on staten island are frantically working to restore power to 177 customers who lost power when a tree came crashing down. the tree fell down in west brighton around 10:40 this morning. it hit the power lines and poles before landing on two cars. there is no word on what caused the tree to split. new details on the investigation into the murder of a cab driver in the bronx. security cameras recorded the man that police say shot barry mamadou inside his cab. he was the father of three children with a fourth on the way. former staten island congressman michael grimm it is
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an inmate at a federal prison in pennsylvania. he reported to the mccain correctional institute before noon today. the former representative was sentenced to eight months behind bars for tax fraud in connection with a restaurant that he owned in manhattan. he resigned his seat after he pled guilty in january. caught on camera, coming up on eyewitness news, a brawl near the barclays center. what sparked the fight and what is being done to keep something like this from happening again. also, the woman at the center of the gay marriage controversy in kentucky speaks out for the first time. what she refeels about why she is not giving up her fight. we have the abc news exclusive interview and sandra lee opens up about being cancer free.
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we have more on an abc news exclusive. kim davis, the kentucky clerk, is opening up. it comes as she faces a new lawsuit from the aclu. abc's marci gonzales is joining us in the studio with more on why kim davis is not backing down. marci? >> reporter: she was emotional as she he labor raid on her be love going against the supreme court ruling she is defending her religious freedom.
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consequences, she will not quit her job. facing fresh court battles, controversial kentucky court clerk kim davis is standing her ground. in the first interview after months of violating a suspect ruling and refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses, she tells paula faris she is willing to go back to jail. >> i can't put my name on a license that doesn't represent what god ordained marriage to be. >> one of her deputy clerks is issuing marriage licenses out of the office so davis altered them so they don't have her name, don't list the count and note that they were issued under court order. that the aclu argues goes against a judge's demands that davis not interfere which she denies. >> people will question why is your moral conscious more important than someone else's happiness.
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>> i don't think dignity is guaranteed in the constitution. dignity is something that you find within yourself. >> reporter: davis received encouragement from around the world, she is also still the target of hateful reactions. >> what probably hurts me the worst that my god does not love me or that my god is not happy with me. >> but davis says that isn't stopping her and she is not alone. clerks in five states are also seeking exemptions to have their names removed from marriage licenses for same-sex couples. >> marci, thank you. police in connecticut are investigating a violent home invasion in stamford. police say joseph dunfereo and another man told a homeowner they backed into his car by accident. that was a lie. police say the suspects then launched a vicious assault on
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the victim badly beating them. he got a knife and stabbed one in the arm. a neighbor called 911. both suspects were arrested. police believe the victim was not randomly chosen. stokes on wall street tumble following another drop in oil prices. investors were discouraged by falling commodity prices that pulled raw material producers down. the dow dropped 179 points closing at 16,330 and the nasdaq fell 72 and s&p 500 lost 24 points. and we got jeff smith in for lee goldberg. everybody is thinking about the papal weather. >> i think he might have some connections because the weather will be absolutely perfect for thursday and friday. >> good. >> sunny, warm. >> mid-70s friday for that monumental event in central park. we head outside, it's kind of cool and cloudy. we have a wind off the water. definitely feels like fall. fall begins at 4:21 a.m. before dawn tomorrow morning.
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a live look at the empire state building. we have temperatures which are sitting in the low 70s. this is as warm as it's gotten all day. 71 the official high on the day after a morning low of 62. wind off the water from the northeast around 8 miles per hour. we get up to 73. for a change, temperatures were actually below normal. we are on a run to make it one of the warmest september on record if we continue with the warm pattern. we warm up to 80 degrees tomorrow and into the day on thursday. record 95 in 1914, sundown at 6:54. 68 at white plains. temperatures in the lower 60s in the higher elevations well north and west. crisp in monticello at 63 degrees. we have had a couple of sprinkles showing up on the radars earlier over parts of the midhudson valley. now you are seeing sunshine. one sprinkle that popped up near staten island and moved into parts of brooklyn. that has weakened. high pressure is going to take
5:19 pm
it will be moving to the east. we will get temperatures back up to 80 degrees tomorrow. it turns warmer after a chilly start, especially in the suburbs. some places in the 40s north and west of the city. sunny to partly cloudy on thursday. the hygiene up to 80. thursday is the first full official day of fall. we will watch moisture well off to the south and that might try to make a run at us by later on in the weekend, at least spreading clouds in here. again for the papal visit friday, beautiful. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures around 76 degrees. you could not ask for better weather than that. the accuweather forecast tonight, clearing and comfortable. we are down to 80 in midtown. 50s in most of the suburbs. 40s in the coolest spots north and west of the city. letter now even in places that get into the 40s overnight tonight still make it up to 80 tomorrow t. definitely becoming warmer. fall begins before dawn.
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you wouldn't know it based on this temperature forecast. mainly clear tomorrow night. temperatures into the lower 60s. now, over the weekend it gets complicated. it will be a competition between these two systems, low pressure working up the coast and blocking high pressure over new england trying to protect us from rainfall at the same time. we will dive into the details in the full accuweather seven- day forecast in the next half hour. >> thank you, jeff. a local camp counselor just arrested for sexual abuse. >> a man's wheelchair ramp stolen. what a neighbor and his son did overnight while the victim was sleeping. >> plus, severely burned as a baby.
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david petraeus apologizing for sharing information with his mistress. he syped down after admitting to a married affair. >> there is nothing that i can
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do to undo what i did. i can only say again how sorry i am to those i let down and then strive to go forward with a greater sense of humility and purpose. >> petraeus was sentenced to two years probation. pope francis is in the u.s. as we have been telling you. his visit reignites a tradition that began with the last papal visit in 2008. >> it involves sweet treats. a bronx bakery is making thousands of these cookies bearing pope francis' face. >> reporter: artistro pastry shop is known for its cannoli but customers are lining up for a particular cookie. >> nice, beautiful. >> i was told by everyone to go get them now. >> reporter: they are nearly the size of small cakes. a white gloss frosting before
5:24 pm
the pope's face is applied. >> i wanted to smooth it out so once we put the pope on the cookie, it april hears to the cookie with the icing. >> reporter: the face is printed with food coloring. he made them with the faces of yak key players. then -- yankee players. then when pope benedict came they sold these. >> when pope francis announced he was coming to the united states the demand picked up again. >> reporter: these boxes are for bill aims. >> 50 pope cookies for the choir at st. patrick's cathedral. don't let them know. they don't know. >> it's a surprise for them. >> reporter: do you eat it or save it like a souvenir. >> some like it as memorabilia. they want to frame it, freeze it, bag it, who knows. >> i don't think we will eat
5:25 pm
them. >> i think she will eat it and save one. >> i eat it. >> i eat around his head. >> that sounds like a good compromise. they sell for 2.95 each and best to order adding. in the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we are looking at this cookie. it's beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> beautifully done. >> would you eat it or save it. >> looks like something special. coming up, we are heading to philadelphia for a closer look at one of the main reasons the pop is in the u.s. the big conference that is underway that francis will attend later this week. >> a big brawl near the barclays center. what started it and what is
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our top story, pope francis is in the u.s. he arrived at the papal residents in washington, d.c. in the past half hour. a crowd of children greeted him. the pope will spend the evening here before a busy day tomorrow. >> the pope's airplane touching down at joint base andrews. this happened a little bit before 4:00. and president obama and highways family is there as well with a large and enthusiastic crowd. what you are seeing -- there is the president with pope francis. this is joint base andrews before 4:00. the pope will arrive in manhattan on thursday and then it is off to philadelphia which happens to be the main reason for his trip to the u.s. we will take a look at what he will be doing in the city of brotherly love in a few minutes. there is extra security in place in brooklyn after a violent melee among high school students.
5:28 pm
>> the fight near the barclay center was caught on a cell phone camera. it involved a stabbing and police officer getting maced. >> darla miles is in fort greene with more on what happened. >> reporter: over the last hour we have seen a distinctive police presence from the nypd. if you look across the street, atlantic avenue, you can see officers standing in the same spot where this fight started yesterday. >> a young man pulled out a knife. he was getting ready to stab another young person with it. and fortunately one of the parents was here and she was able to make him put it back. >> the parents of these other teens, nowhere in sight, the beat down commenced near atlantic terminal mall and the barclay center monday after 3:30. >> another teenager, threw him down, knocked him unconscious.
5:29 pm
you can see the crowd beginning to disburse along atlantic and flatbush avenues in fort greene just after 4:00 after a 16-year- old was stabbed in the torso. a police officer mazed. james caldwell found himself in the center of it all. the president of the 77th precinct community council and vendor. >> how long did this go on? >> approximately 30 minutes. >> reporter: the brawl cull mine natures with one teen outnumbered and on the ground as others bounce on him. >> at least four or five schools were involved. >> it's unfortunate that at certain times in the city, certain areas of the city have that problem. yesterday was an example of that. >> reporter: police confirm this is the area where teens come to settle a score. not far from where a vicious after school girl fight happened at mcdonald's. that will not happen today, not with all of these officers
5:30 pm
already in position. >> the police were already here. with the police being here, they had no respect for them. >> reporter: now, one thing the nypd says it has been doing is working with the local high schools to stagger dismissal times to possibly limit the number of teens who and community activist tony herbert will work with the local schools to make sure kids know this is not fun and games, that these type of fights are criminal activity. reporting live in fort greene, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. a deadly hit and run in the bronx. police arrested a man accused of running into gabriella on her bike earlier this month. she died at the hospital. 25-year-old michael moreno was taken into custody and charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.
5:31 pm
a camp counselor in new jersey is under arrest accused of sexually abusing children. prosecutors say he sexually assaulting two young boys in separate incidents. they say farkas allegedly assaulted one boy on a bus. police in rockland county are searching for a suspect that damaged a dozen vehicles with a bb gun. it happened last night in valley cottage. these vehicles show the crack in the paint to a cracked windshield. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. pope francis' visit to the u.s. is tied with the world meeting of families that kicked off in philadelphia and it ends sunday with the pope in attendance. this year there are double the number of leg straints from the last meeting in milan.
5:32 pm
last meeting in milan. >> reporter: the archbishop philadelphia and mayor presided over the formal opening of the world meeting of families. the event, which brought 18,000 pilgrims from accuweather forecast the world to see pope francis when he comes to philadelphia over the weekend. >> god is good. god loves us with the zeal of a father and tenderness of a mother. his church, our family, welcomes all people. >> reporter: a one of a kind bicycle was built for the pope by local artisans engraved with the words papa francisco. >> reporter: they are here from puerto rico, eastern africa, people of faith on a spiritual journey. >> i want to position myself about the problems that we are
5:33 pm
>> see things different with the list of the families from everywhere in the world and funny. >> reporter: are you staying for the pope's visit. >> sure, we are staying for the pope. >> we came down here to see the pope and express our love for him and the love of the church. >> reporter: on saturday, pope francis arrives here to cap off the historic event. the first time ever the world meeting of families has ever met on north american soil. in philadelphia, channel 7 eyewitness news. back in new york, a lot of street closures in place for the pope's visit. many will close while he is on the move and right now take a look at the areas he is visiting. expect closures around each of them, specifically where he is staying on the upper east side on 72nd street and st. patrick's where he will be thursday night for evening prayer and streets around the united nations on the east side
5:34 pm
where he will address the general assembly friday and madison square garden where there will be a mass friday evening. we have more specifics on street closures at abc7ny. diana? sandra lee making progress after her mastectomy. she talks about being cancer free and the big decision she has to make next. a woman severely burned as a baby huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta... what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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celebrity tv chef sandra lee says she is making progress in her battle with breast cancer. governor cuomo's girlfriend opened up in an exclusive interview with gma. she said her doctors told her she is cancer free. she celebrated walking the red carpet at the emmy's sunday night. >> it's only respectful to
5:38 pm
ourselves and to their work and what they gave up for us to get our tushies in there and get a diagnosis and cut it out and take care of it. >> in may she underwent a double mastectomy. she will wait until february to decide whether she will have reconstructive surgery. new york is launching an investigation into volkswagen as the company faces more fallout from the widening scandal. eric schneiderman is looking into criminal charges against volkswagen. they admitted that up to 11 million vehicles contain software to evade air pollution standards. the company ceo apologized and is vowing to cooperate with all investigations. 38 years after their lives crossed paths in new york, two women are planning a special reunion. >> their powerful link to each other, attest statements to --
5:39 pm
it shows amanda as an infant in the arms of a nurse in albany. well, she was recovering from third degree burns. the images helped her through difficult years when she was bullied for her scars. last week she posted the photos online hoping someone would recognize the nurse. that nurse, susan berger came across the post. turns out she held on to the photos as well. >> i held her in my arms and i like butter. if she could have said anything to me it problemly would have been okay, i will be okay. >> thank you, thank you for just being who she was and caring. >> well, a meeting between the two women is in the works. >> that is -- >> nurses are hero. >> every day. still ahead on eyewitness news, a man's wheelchair ramp stolen from his home. what his neighbors did what they heard about it. >> the pope said he wanted to
5:40 pm
meet immigrants during his visit here. how these women from mexico are trying to make his visit extra
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pronounce it is at the bottom of your screen and means ancient grazer in eskimo language. jeff, you can say it. >> no. >> i'm not going to try that. >> a docile creature, just feed it bread and it will be good for the day. >> i'm glad it's not around. >> good luck remembering the name. i heard the weather tomorrow is memorable. >> yeah. >> 80 tomorrow, 80 thursday. mid-70s on friday. >> perfect for the pope. >> a few pumps in the road later on in the weekend with competition between two weather systems. that will be the main question. a live look toward central park and the jackie o reservoir. wind from the northeast around
5:44 pm
the wind off the water has kept us fool today and cloudier as well. if you are heading to citi field, the mets facing the braves at 7:10. temperatures in the upper 60s. wind 6 to 12 as the mets continue to win games. 70 bridgeport. 68 danbury. upper 60s long island. 67 andover. 61 up to monticello. cooler in the higher elevations north and west of the city and down the jersey shore courtesy of the wind off the atlantic ocean. an area of high pressure off to the west. that kind of gradient between the two systems creating that onshore flow. eventually it will win out as we head into the day tomorrow. that means nicer weather, sunnier and warmer as well. checking out the tropics. we have ida out here. 45 miles per hour winds in the middle of the atlantic ocean. we don't have to worry about the system.
5:45 pm
the next five days it won't move too much. it is not to strengthen to a hurricane. tomorrow fall begins at 4:21 a.m. temperatures 5 to 10 above normal. starting off cool tomorrow morning, 40s north and west. highs up to 80 in those locations down to the 40 os overnight and the papal visit, here is your planner. the pope arrives on thursday to temperatures around 80. mid-70s friday. here comes the weekend. especially later in the weekend, another area of low pressure off the north carolina coast. it will try to make inroads to the north. this area of high pressure, which is strong, will try to stop it in its tracks. we will get cloud cover by sunday. will we get rainfall? we don't know that yet. accuweather seven-day forecast, fall begins tomorrow before dawn. 80. 80 thursday. mid-70s friday. great stretch of weather. we are watching a system to the
5:46 pm
south. it may try to plaque a run at us with rainfall sunday. highs in the upper 60s then 70s early next week. we are kind of hoping for the rain. we need the rain. >> after the pope. >> after the pope. security is tight at all papal events. expect screenings and you won't be able to bring in many items to venues. no alcohol, weapons, drones. but also banned, animals other than service and guide animals, bicycles scooters, blankets, backpacks, coolers, chairs and posters. you can't have a selfie stick and you can't have an umbrella but jeff said you won't need one. you can bring water, a snack, a personal camera and a stroller for babies and toddlers. >> look how short that list is. >> what you can bring. preparing for the pope's visit has been a massive undertaking and a labor of love for many volunteers.
5:47 pm
visual experts to setting up tables, there are plenty of jobs to go around. >> david novarro joins us with a story of one group of ladies that used their talents to make the pope's visit special. >> >> reporter: they are immigrants from mexico, some who are not catholic. catholic charities have been there helping support their efforts to become citizens, now they are giving back the best way they know how. in an elementary school gym in yonkers a group of women are doing what they believe is god's work. >> the pope is the most important person in the catholic church. he guides us worshippers. the hispanic pope, too. the first hispanic pope that i might meet. i am overcome by emotion and the fact that i am collaborating for something when he comes. >> reporter: she never dreamed when she came to the u.s. from mexico that one day she would meet the pope. that impossible meeting now a
5:48 pm
reality after she volunteered to help about 15 other immigrants embroider table cloths and linens to be used for his visit. the ladies giving back to a church that offered them a helping hand in their transition to the u.s. through catholic charities. >> having them be a part of something that is so big and that puts a light on the immunization migrant community means the world. >> i feel a lot of emotion. we are embroid during something that pope francis will use for the ceremony or meal he will be a part of. it's a privilege for me and an honor. >> reporter: immigrants hold a special place in the heart of pope francis. during his trip to new york, he is blessing about a 150 local immigrants in person. some of these women are not even catholic but they are still touched by the visit. >> there are no words to describe what this means. it's really a big blessing that my coworkers and i have been
5:49 pm
given the honor to do this. >> reporter: the finally detailed table cloths and linens will be used at his visit in east harlem and the altar at madison square garden. to have the work showcased in a grand manor will help put a voice to their story. >> beautiful work they were doing. still ahead, a ramp that provides him freedom. >> it was stolen from one man's home. >> what his neighbor and son did when they heard of the theft. that is coming up next. >> i'm liz cho. new at 6:00, the mta unveils changes on more than two dozen
5:50 pm
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue.
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new at 5:00 a heartless theft in new jersey.
5:53 pm
ramp inspect front of his home stolen. >> when his neighbor in garfield heard about it, he got to work. new jersey toni yates spoke to both of them. >> there is a god, i believe it. >> reporter: despite the ms and the cancer he is battling and losing his wife to a heart attack. he got an incredible lesson in love after someone stole his wheelchair ramp. his landlord warned it might happen. >> if you put it down they will rob it. >> last week i saw a couple guys looking at it. i was like that is not scrap. i come out to get my paper and i said no way. they took it on 9/11. of all the days. >> reporter: word got out that it was gone. >> i am home bound. >> reporter: offers to replace it poured in including from that guy over there and his son. took them two days flat to solve the crisis.
5:54 pm
>> so the wheelchair, the wheels don't slip. >> reporter: mailman girard, good with his hands. >> not a professional carpenter but i can put a hammer to a nail. >> good role model to his son shawn. shawn made it his service project. they built it in two days, put it in monday night and erased the damaged deed. >> this is helping another person in need. you have to get beyond the theft. >> i am proud to do something for a guy that just needs a bit of help. >> saved the day for me. >> reporter: it's a darn good ramp. >> garfield police have asked scrap metal guards to be on the look out for the old ramp. it's a crime stop solved but he is okay because this one came from some really cool hearts that have always had his back. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome, my friend. >> reporter: in garfield, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:55 pm
>> an example of great people. >> and a good ramp. absolutely. an update about a disabled child whose custom made stroller was stolen. >> more good news. today a new stroller was delivered to the grateful family in elizabeth, new jersey. she was carrying her 5-year-old son andrew after someone swiped andrew's leg braces and stroller. both of the items are worth about $2,600, the items stolen from the driveway. when the company that makes the custom stroller found out about the theft, it generously decided to donate a new one. >> another happy ending there. >> absolutely. the mta unveils changes on more than two dozen bus routes when the pope arrives in new york city.
5:56 pm
starts right now. pope francis arrives to the united states for a six day historic visit to the east coast that will bring him here to new york city in two days. a huge crowd welcoming him from the president and his family to local school kids. >> here in new york city, security goes into high gear. barricades are up and cars are being towed. good evening at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. the pope arrived in about two hours ago and started the six day trip. it's backed. president obama and his entire family and mother-in-law greeting the pope at joint base andrews. this pope is a rare man, no limo for this man. he is riding in a small fiat. >> what a site that was. >> he is at the papal nuncio's residence across from the vice president's house. tomorrow the official welcome
5:57 pm
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